What are you….with Karen Keith, District 2 Tulsa County Commissioner

Photo: Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith and her terrier-mix dogs, Moonbeam and Grady, sit in the backyard of her Brookside home. MICHAEL WYKE / Tulsa World

Article: By SCOTT CHERRY World Scene Writer

Published: 5/3/2012  1:53 AM
Last Modified: 5/3/2012  3:16 AM

Although she has held positions with the city of Tulsa and Tulsa Metro Chamber, most Tulsa-area residents know Karen Keith from her 21 years at KJRH, channel 2 and the past four years as District 2 Tulsa county commissioner.

What many don’t know is that Keith, who drew no opposition in the November general elections, and her husband, Pat Malloy, previously operated a bed and breakfast, called the Lantern Inn of Brookside, on their property for about 10 years.

Along with that came landscaping the backyard, filling it with shrubs, trees, water features and flowers. It is a visual treat throughout the spring and summer.

“I’ve had help with the landscaping and design, and I really just dabble in gardening,” Keith said. “We have outdoor speakers, and I like to put opera on and listen to the music and play in the yard.”

We asked Keith to reveal a few more things about herself.

What are you ..Loving about Tulsa?

The Golden Driller, all the new development downtown, River Parks and our neighborhoods.

… Planting in your garden this spring?

Purslane. I planted it last year, and it was gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what it does this year.

… Reading at the moment?

“The Art of Fielding,” by Chad Harbach, our book club selection.

… Never wanting to miss on television?

“Downton Abbey” and “Smash.”

… Hoping to see happen in Tulsa this year?

Save jobs at American Airlines.

… And your husband planning for your next night out?

Dinner at a Brookside restaurant.

… Having for dinner tonight?

Grilled fish, veggies and fat-free Fig Newton. Fancy stuff!

… Listening to on your car stereo?

National Public Radio.

Article By Scott Cherry World Scene Writer, 2012 World Publishing Co.

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