Transparent Government

"It is Key"

Transparency is key to truly representing citizens. Having the willingness to be open to positive and negative feedback and having the ability to address both publicly, is a sign of a true leader. 

This is the type of leadership Karen brings to the table at the County Commission. It is what cuts through partisan lines, politics and special interests.

Being transparent is being able to support new ideas and thoughts and buck the status quo. It also means being open to finding new ways to work through the the challenges that face us everyday. 

Open communication, along with the ability and willingness to listen to others builds trust, and that is exactly what Karen has provided Tulsa County.

Insisting on Transparency



In 2017, The County
contracted with OpenGov, a U.S. company specializing in financial transparency and data sharing to create a portal for all interested parties to access.


Open Data

Commissioner Keith teamed with Tulsa County elected officials and staff to provide budget, revenues and expenditure information that are easily accessible through the County website.


Open Meetings

In addition to all financials begin easily accessible, all meetings are posted and open to the public. Karen Keith welcomes and encourages all citizens to
attend those meetings and ask questions!

Questions And Answers

The General Fund Budget and the actual revenues and expenses are available at this link. You can view the County’s check register, employee data and current financial reports. 

Click here to visit the Tulsa County website. There is a helpful video and also a link to the OpenGov portal. 

Up to date information on Tulsa County’s efforts toward COVID-19 are listed at this link.