Traffic light for 65th and 41st intersection planned for autumn

The public asked and Tulsa County responded.  A new traffic light will be installed at the intersection of 65th West Avenue and West 41st Street and will be in place this fall.

“This is something I have been wanting since I came to the area,” said Berryhill School District Superintendent Mike Campbell.  “I had a first-hand experience getting in an accident there and we had a student who experienced injury in an accident there.  We have a lot of new drivers so this has been on my mind and I’m thankful to Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith for making this happen.  She is a doer and gets things done.”

Often, progress takes time.

“People do not realize this stuff can’t happen over night,” explained Keith.  “We got a request about a year ago when a family called upset that their child had an accident there.  It can be a dangerous spot.  One of our superintendents had a wreck at this intersection.  But the design phase took time, getting out bid documents takes time.”

Two poles will be installed and the light will include an eastbound turn signal so that crossing against four lanes of traffic won’t continue to be an endangerment issue.

“The contractor, Traffic & Lighting Systems, has to order parts to be made, they don’t have pieces like this sitting around on shelves,” said County Engineer Tom Rains.

“None of this was scheduled or funded, but Tom (Rains) somehow made it happen,” said Keith.

The $80,740 needed came from an approximately $1.5 million discretionary fund of state monies which Rains said he can use for unforeseen situations such as the need for this stoplight and for the improvements currently under way along Avery Drive.

The Board of County Commissioners approved the contract award on July 6.  Rains expects installation to be completed by this fall.


By Tracy LeGrand of the Tulsa County News