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Roads and Bridges

Tulsa County maintains more than 700 miles of roads and nearly 200 bridges.  Infrastructure also includes dozens of miles of levees protecting County citizens and businesses along the Arkansas River.  Many projects are underway or funded to start in the upcoming year.  


To better prioritize funding for Tulsa County roads, In January 2020, The Board of County Commissioners approved an agreement for services with Streetscan, Inc. to perform pavement inspection and management services for Tulsa County.  Having the ability to monitor the health of our Roads will enable County Engineering to allocate funds to make repairs and continue maintenance  based on data collection and visualization.  Streetscan services will produce a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Report that will be integrated into the County’s GIS system for accurate and transparent tracking.


Tulsa County District 2 Projects as follows (this list is not include all projects):




Wekiwa Road 129th W. Ave. To Shell Creek

Reconstruct roadway with new base, as needed, new asphalt surfacing, wider shoulder and guard rail replacement. Average Daily Traffic – 1,000 – 2,000.

Status: HWY District 2 has made minor improvements for upcoming Piedmontese IRONMAN triathlon.  Once the triathlon takes place, May 2021, major improvements will be completed.


Bridge on Edison East of 65th W. Ave.

Replace 17 ton bridge.  Average Daily Traffic 1,000-2,000.

Status: Working with consultant to obtain Right of Way (ROW). 


41st St. So. 129th W. Ave to 193rd W. Ave.

Four-lane, curb and gutter with storm sewer between 129th W. Ave. And 137th W. Ave. Reconstruct two lane roadway with new base and surfacing from 137th W. Ave. To 157th W. Ave., including intersection rebuild at 15th W. Ave.  Mill and overhaul from 157th W. Ave. To 193rd.

Status: Plans under review and Right of Way (ROW) work underway.


91st St. So. Elwood to US HWY 75

Three lane roadway with curb and gutter, storm sewer, and bridge replacement.  Average Daily Traffic 2,000-6000.

Status: Plans 60% completed.  Bridge existing structure is good.  ROW and Drainage underway.


Bridge on 209th W. Ave. N. Of 61st

Replace one lane bridge.

Status: Plans complete. ROW underway.


Levee Improvements

Improvements to 22 mile levee system.  City and Federal Funds to be utilized.

Status: Feasibility Study and Chiefs report submitted.   Federal delegation working to secure federal dollars for the project. 


Economic Development Administration (EDA) is awarded  a $3 million grant to Tulsa County, Oklahoma, to improve critical infrastructure needed to protect communities and businesses from flood damage. The EDA grant, which is located in a Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Opportunity Zone, will be matched with $750,000 in local investment and is expected to retain nearly 1,560 jobs.


DESIGN of the ARKANSAS RIVER CORRIDOR ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION PLAN (PEP) completed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners. The pre-construction engineering and design phase is next.  Geo-Tech work is underway with local funds. 

The Arkansas River Corridor Ecosystem Restoration Project (ARC) is located in northeast Oklahoma within the boundaries of Tulsa County. The ARC begins at the Keystone Dam which is located 8 miles upstream of the City of Tulsa and continues 41 miles along the Arkansas River to the Tulsa/Wagoner County Line.Of the array of alternatives analyzed in the feasibility phase, three features provided the greatest amount of habitat. The ecosystem restoration project will focus on attenuating flows of hydropower production to provide low flow conditions two days a week when there is no hydropower production. Since the USACE removal of a low water dam that was built as part of the Keystone project, flows on non-power production days are typically at levels that do not support the once vibrant aquatic ecosystem. Along with the low flow restoration, habitat will be created by restoring a wetland below the potential low water dam on Prattville Creek and by creating an island for the endangered least tern island that will have a design to withstand Keystone Dam flood releases.


Chandler Park

New Splash Pad

Status: Complete


Status: Improvements underway.


County Improvements for Roads & Bridge Funding (CIRB)


Dip Creek R. – South of Coyote Trail

Grade, Drain and Replace Bridge.

Status: Design Complete, working with Consultant.


121st St. S. – Elwood to US HWY 75 (In addition to Vision funds)

Widen, Improve, Raise & Signalize

Status: Public Meeting held, ROW underway.


Tulsa County HWY Funds


61st W. Ave. Culverts

Status: County Engineer began 


33rd W. Ave. Overlay – South of 21st st.

StatusDesign Complete


145th W. Ave. Culvert – North of 61st St. S

Culvert and Bridge

Status: Complete


Inter local Agreements

Sand Springs 

Overlay of street surfaces – fall 2020


Overlay of street surfaces – pending


Keith — whom Bynum called “the patron saint of long term causes in our community, and she always ends up being right” — said she’s ecstatic that the expressway is no longer a shelved plan for the future.

Oct 23, 2019