Meet Karen

Thank you!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your County Commissioner! I love this job because it lets me meet people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I've found that we all share a desire to build a better quality of life for people here in Tulsa County and that people are eager to step forward to help.


As a broadcast journalist for 26 years, I told the stories of people who weren’t out to grab headlines–they were just out to help folks who needed it. And they were out to do the work that improves their neighborhoods and to do what it takes to improve their communities. I loved telling those stories and now I get to work side by side with the people who are out there really making a difference.

I grew up in  Muskogee and after high school, graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1976. After a career in television broadcasting, I became Director of Community Relations and Vision Implementation for Tulsa Mayor Bill LaFortune and later the Chamber of Commerce, where I was able to focus on passing and implementing Tulsa’s Vision 2025 projects.

I can’t imagine a different life! Patrick and I have 2 great pups Moonie and Benny- that allow us share their home. And we are so proud to share our lives with Gulnara Taragachova and her daughter Samaya who live in the Netherlands.

Today, Karen and her husband, Patrick Malloy are share the home with pups Moonie and Benny and share their lives with Gulnara Taragachova and her daughter Samaya who now lives in the Netherlands.

Improved Levees

It has been busy in the years since I first took office and there is a lot we have accomplished by working together and putting politics aside. First,I have worked with the Army Corps of Engineers, our congressional delegation and local leaders to make needed improvements to our levee system.

Family Justice

Next, I am fighting to to help our troubled youth. I fought for the funding to build a new Family Justice Center that opened this past year. This state of the art facility now gives us the tools to help kids get on the right path.  The center consolidates intervention services, counseling and career opportunities through a partnership with Tulsa Technology Center.

Roads and Bridges

Quality roads and bridges also remains a priority and Tulsa County deserves our fair share of state and federal funding. By partnering with local leaders, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and the Department of Transportation, we are working on several new projects throughout the county.

There has also been a lot of fun along the way and I've made friends in places I never expected. And there is still a lot to finish. I'm working on a new OSU County Extension facility that will bring services to everyone in the county. I'm also pushing along the Gilcrease Expressway, Levee improvements, river development, quality jobs, the POPs museum and well... much more. Thank you for your continued support and I hope to visit with you soon!