Karen Keith Sees Room for Growth on Tulsa West Bank

Mayor Bartlett has issued a request for proposal for Arkansas Riverfront sites that will enhance economic development along the west bank of the river. The request includes approximately 88 acres assembled in four parcel sites located near 23rd Street and South Jackson Avenue.

The property included in the proposal offers a future developer the possibility of a significant opportunity to capitalize on the growing vibrancy in the City of Tulsa. The possibilities for development include retail, office, residential, entertainment or mixed-use development.

“As a priority of my administration, having an RFP for the west bank of the Arkansas River puts the City of Tulsa one step closer in planning for private development along the Arkansas River Corridor,” Mayor Bartlett said. “Input from the development community will show us the potential these particular sites have and help spur economic development at one of our most natural resources in Tulsa.”

Developers will have three months to submit proposals through the Economic Development Department. To date, 21 development companies have shown interest in the RFP and the Economic Development Department has identified close to 60 developers, including local developers, which the RFP will be sent to.

After proposals are submitted, an evaluation committee will have 60 days to look through the proposals and make a recommendation to Mayor Bartlett. Members of the evaluation committee include: County Commissioner Karen Keith, City Councilor Rick Westcott, City of Tulsa Economic Development Director Mike Bunney, Tulsa Development Authority member Julius Pegues and a representative from the Tulsa Parks Authority.

“The west bank is really a treasure in Tulsa and west Tulsa County,” said County Commissioner Karen Keith. ”There’s tremendous room for growth and redevelopment of that area, which will make a major impact on the entire county. I’m excited to see the process get under way.”

A citywide citizen survey conducted earlier this year of 1,800 Tulsa households, representing 200 households in each City Council district, show 78 percent support in private development along the Arkansas River.

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