Eyesore no more: Derelict domiciles demolished north of river

The rock house with its one-of-a-kind metal fencing sat empty for nearly a decade until Tuesday when a bulldozer razed it along with several other derelict buildings near the intersection of Charles Page Boulevard and W. 65th Avenue.

“The Tulsa County Health Department has been aware of this issue for years but simply doesn’t have the funds to address all of the buildings that need to be demolished,” said John Baker, long-time manager of engineering services for the TCHD.  “But, J.D. Smith (who owns land nearby) approached Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith who helped us move this along in putting together the grant so we had the $46,000 to proceed.  Claudia Brierre at INCOG was also helpful in getting the federal grant.”

The property is owned by Philip Wright who has been out of the country but is happy that the land is now cleared, Baker said.

Many people and organizations showed interest in obtaining the materials from the unique fence made out of oil-drilling equipment pieces including steel sucker-rods and drill-rods, said Baker.  However, Wright’s father (who had worked for the Sand Springs Rail Road) installed the fence by heating up the spear-tip of the metal and literally forging it in concrete and so it is not feasible to get it out in a re-usable manner.


By Tracy LeGrand of the Tulsa County News