"She succeeds where others have failed"

Karen Keith is an exemplary elected official. 
As District 2 County Commissioner, she succeeds where others have failed. 
I served 26 years as a Republican elected official and I am proud to cross party lines to endorse Karen Keith for re-election. 
              Joan Hastings

Sand Springs Floods

Karen was HERE- on-site

Jeremy Herrington surveying the flood damage

In his own words


“As someone who endured the 2019 flood, I can tell you with 150% confidence that if I had to endure this hell again, Karen Keith is who I would want representing us. 

Karen was HERE, on-site.

Two weeks after the FEMA trailer had left, Karen was here at 9am on a Saturday morning working alongside a Jenks church group that had organized cleanup effort for Town and Country, as we were trying to help all those that still needed help. 

Unplanned, no staff, no cameras, she was HERE because she WANTED to be here to help where she could. I did not even know she was coming and by the end of the 10 hour day, she was just as filthy as the rest of us. 

Sometimes actions speak so much louder than words, don’t they?

As a life-long Republican, I am very upset with Karen Keith as her kindness, her generosity and the demonstration of her heart to serve creates a real dilemma for me as I can no longer vote a straight party ballot. I will be voting for a Democrat for the first time in 32 years.” 

"Openness, candor and forward vision"

Former Tulsa Mayor Bob LaFortune

Bob LaFortune


Tulsa World editorial endorsement: Karen Keith has earned fourth term as county commissioner

Karen Keith is more than a county commissioner, although she’s a great county commissioner.

She also the community’s brightest booster, the government official willing to champion unpopular but important causes and a leader who is determined to make Tulsa and Tulsa County safer and more prosperous.
In December, the Tulsa World named her one of the 2019 Tulsans of the Year. How could we not endorse her for four more years as the District 2 county commissioner?

The former local news anchor was elected to the commission in 2008. She is seeking her fourth term, and she has earned it.
In her first three terms, Keith has proven that she can get things done. She was one of the driving forces behind amassing the political will to build the county’s Family Center for Juvenile Justice (opened in December). Amid controversy and rancor, she helped Iron Gate find a new home (now in operation). She led the county’s work on a plan to build low-water dams in the Arkansas River (approved by voters in 2016 and due to start construction in September).

In all of those projects, she showed herself to be a problem-solver and a coalition-builder. We wish the state had 200 more like her to put to work on the people’s business.
For years, she has been the leader on efforts to finance rebuilding the county’s World War II-era levee system that protects hundreds of homes, businesses and lives. She has provided the cohesive force that is now on the cusp of bringing together state, federal and local politicians and bureaucrats.

We are fans of Karen Keith, and we endorse her reelection with enthusiasm.


Karen Keith has served as District 2 Tulsa County Commissioner since 2008.

John Self, Former Tulsa County Commissioner