Rural Fire Protection

Protecting homes and businesses

Rural Fire Protection

Rural fire service is critical to protecting homes and businesses in west Tulsa County. I am so proud of the community leaders and volunteers who make this all happen and am happy to pitch in whatever I can with county resources to help. 

These crews many times are volunteers who leave their homes to protect someone else’s property, business or home. They are incredibly dedicated people and a vital part of these small communities. 

People come together to support these firefighters and fire-stations sometimes serve double-duty as community gathering spots and senior nutrition centers. 


The Volunteer Keystone Fire Department continues to serve above and beyond under challenging circumstances during these past years of severe drought. Tulsa County road crews work hand in hand with Keystone by employing county road apparatus to create fire lines.


The new Berryhill fire-station on 41st street was completed in the fall of 2017! Back in 2016, I was there when county crews helped with moving dirt and building the road that leads to this new facility. Now this wonderful new station is complete and serving the community in so many ways. Many thanks to the Berryhill community, firefighters and the hardworking crews from District 2!

New Berryhill Fire Station


Working with the leadership of Berryhill Fire Department and with citizen input and a public vote, the fire protection district was extended to protect the Oakhurst community, resulting in lower homeowner’s insurance rates.