Commissioner lauds ‘unsung heroes’

Tulsa County News publishers Gary Percefull and Linda Johnson won’t let their staff write this story, so I decided to take charge.  This dynamic couple was named one of 25 “Unsung Hero’s” in Tulsa People magazine.  There are lots of reasons for that honor.  Literally years of quiet service, much of it dedicated to West Tulsa, with no desire of accolades or even a pat on the pack.  I’ve known Linda and Gary for well over 20 years,  meeting them at various functions and seeing firsthand the fruits of their hard work.

Gary is a graduate of Tulsa Memorial High School, while Linda graduated Charles Page High School.  Linda’s love of West Tulsa was contagious and Gary, after years of working as a journalist at the Tulsa World, has become an advocate for the history, color and diversity of all things “West.”

The pair has worked to revive the Southwest Boulevard corridor, with their partnership in the Scissortail Group PR; their offices front the old Route 66.  They have been active in RedFord Main Street, Townwest Sertoma (hosting annual fish fries in their home) and Tulsa County News.  Their fingerprints are all over progress west of the river.  But their efforts don’t stop there.

The Tulsa People article cites Gary and Linda as heroes for their seven years of devotion, giving up a week of vacation and serving on the staff of Camp Anytown, a diversity camp of high school students operated by Oklahoma Conference for Community and Justice.

Nancy Day, Executive Director of OCCJ commented, “All of us at OCCJ are so grateful for Linda and Gary.  Their volunteer service on the staff of Camp Anytown has impacted the lives of hundreds of young Oklahomans over the years, enriching and empowering our state’s future leaders.”

Linda is also active on the City of Tulsa Sales Tax Overview Committee and the Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, as well as the Association of Women in Communications.

In 2003, Gary was elected to the Tulsa Public Schools Board of Education, where he represents west side schools.  Gary is also a mentor through the “Going-to-Bat for Tulsa Kids” as well as “Adopt a School” with Park Elementary.

Longtime westside supporter and historial Roy Heim said, “I think they’ve been an inspiration for the way they have dug in and supported so many west side organizations.  Anytime we’ve needed guidance or support, they’ve been there.  And with the newspaper, they have used this as a tool to help get the message out to everyone.  I just love ’em.”

Back to the “Unsung Hero,” I’ll say it again; this is a much-deserved honor for Gary and Linda.


Karen Keith
Tulsa County Commissioner

Article compliments of the Tulsa County News