Avery Drive – a whole lot of shaking going on

Winding through lush flora and bracketed by hills, river and railroad track, Avery Drive can seem idyllic.  But perpetual train-related circumstance mean Tulsa County must – every few years – commit resources and manpower to the road’s repair – despite any possible inconvenience to motorists seeking other routines due to construction of the nearby I-244 Arkansas River Bridge.  Avery Drive is currently closed and will be for the next few weeks.

“That road is impacted by the trains running down below it that it vibrates up the hill and the hills south of it so the ground shifts a lot,” said Lewis Long, Tulsa County superintendent of District 2.

The road was closed June 13, and about 35 workers – a combination of Tulsa County and Becco Construction crews – are working to mill the roadway surface to restore crown and correct the profile, repair the roadway base, seal cracks, fill some “serious voids” and make asphalt overlay, he said.  New striping for the road and bicycle lanes as well as replacing the guardrail and signs is being accomplished at the same time.

“These issues can cause accidents and it has gotten really bad and needed to be done,” said Long.  “We have to do this in the summer despite any inconvenience with all the bridge work going on.  Folks still can go over to West 41st Street on State Highway 97 and come across into Tulsa from Sand Springs.”


By Tracy LeGrand of the Tulsa County News