3 Tulsa County Officials Assured of Another Term

The sheriff, court clerk and a commissioner draw no opponents.

By KEVIN CANFIELD World Staff Writer
Published: 4/14/2012  2:31 AM
Last Modified: 4/14/2012  5:39 AM

All three Tulsa County officials up for re-election in the fall were effectively re-elected Friday because they drew no opponents during this week’s three-day filing period, which ended Friday.

Sheriff Stanley Glanz, County Commissioner Karen Keith and Court Clerk Sally Howe Smith will not face challengers in November.

The only county office that will be contested is the county clerk’s position.

Two candidates added their names to the field Friday, bringing the total to three. They are Pat Key, Dean Martin and Cassidy S. Tandy – all Republicans.

The candidates will meet June 26 in the Republican primary. If no candidate gets 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates will meet in a runoff Aug. 28.

The race for county clerk began just days ago when County Clerk Earlene Wilson announced that she will not seek re-election.

Keith was happy to be ensured a second term on the County Commission.

“I am absolutely thrilled and so excited to continue serving the constituents of District 2 and all of Tulsa County,” she said Friday.

Glanz, 69, will be serving his seventh term. He is the longest-serving sheriff in Tulsa County history, having taken office Jan. 1, 1989.

“I am really honored that the citizens have faith in me and the job that I have been doing and the employees I have working with me and the job they do,” Glanz said.

Howe Smith has been the county’s court clerk since 1993. She couldn’t be reached for comment Friday evening.






Sam McReynolds, R

John S. Davis, R

Jolen Boyd, D

District 2 Commissioner

Rick Stewart, R

Johnny Burke, D*

County Clerk

Jennifer Mortazavi, R

Janell Diehl, D*

Court Clerk

Amanda VanOrsdol, R*

Yvetta J. Wells, D



Albert McKee, D

Tommy M. Parker, D

Mike Reed, D

District 2 Commissioner

Darrell Yoder, D*

County Clerk

Bobbie Martin, D

Brittany True, D

Court Clerk

Lori Parsons, D*



Lonnie Bemo, D

Eddie Walker, D

Charles Pearson, D*

Jimmy Lee, D

Roger Lee, R

Emman Lorin Drywater, D

County Commissioner Dist. 2

Stephen Wright, D*

Ronnie Pevehouse, D

Mark Breedlove, D

Roscoe A. Duke, D

County Clerk

Diana Cope, D*

Tanya Staggs, D

Court Clerk

Eugene Blankenship, D

Paula Sexton, D*


Kelly Garrett, D*

Randy Howard, D



Eddy Rice, D*

Wesley Fish, D

District 2 Commissioner

Robert A. Hardridge, D*

R.C. Morrow, D

Kay Bingham, R

County Clerk

Becky Thomas, D*

Court Clerk

Linda Beaver, D*



Ty Koch, D*

Daryl E.J. Simmons, R

District 2 Commissioner

Scott Hilton, D*

Brenda Barre, D

Kevin D. Paslay, R

County Clerk

Shelia Bellamy, D

Trishia Shoeleh, D

Celia Lanham, R

Court Clerk

Angie Bruce, D*



Scott Walton, R*

Cole Butler, R

District 2 Commissioner

Mike Helm, R*

Troy Wilstead, R

County Clerk

Robin Anderson, R

Kit Kelley, R

Court Clerk

Candi Czapansky, D*

Kim Henry, R



Stanley Glanz, R*

District 2 Commissioner

Karen Keith, D*

County Clerk

Pat Key, R

Dean Martin, R

Cassidy S. Tandy, R

Court Clerk

Sally Howe Smith, R*



James Carver, D

Bob Colbert, R*

Tim Guinn, R

Allen L. Streeter, R

District 2 Commissioner

Chris Edwards, D*

Bob Snodgrass, R

Tom Lorincz, R

Larry Hall, D

County Clerk

Lori Hendricks, R

Laura Miller, R

Tom Vincent, R

Court Clerk

Rhonda Vincent, R*

Jim Hight, R

Tom Beighle, R

Tammy Alsip, R



Rick Silver, R*

District 2 Commissioner

Linda Herndon, R*

Michael Gale Bouvier, R

County Clerk

Marjorie Parrish, R*

Court Clerk

Jill Spitzer, R

Bertha M. Rogers, R


Source: Tulsa World, April 14, 2012